Sunday, October 12, 2008


I am back in Dhaka after what seemed like a very short two weeks.  I stayed with the part of the family that is completely vegetarian, so I was finally able to get good food in large quantities.  I probably gained some weight which is good because I was looking pretty unhealthy before I left.  Relatives came from everywhere for Durga Puja, some of which I hadn't seen in over 10 years!  It was great having such a full house.  I got pretty sad the night before I left, which reminded me of the times when we would come visit family when I was little and I would never want to leave and would just cry continuously on the plane ride home.  Although I wasn't sobbing this time, it was still pretty hard to leave.  Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip!

This is the sign above my uncles' pharmacy shop.  For those who can't read Bengali, the sign reads "Sarkar Pharmacy" horizontally and "osudh" at the top and bottom, which means "medicine".  I thought it was cool.  :)

For Durga Puja, it is customary for people to go visit different pandals showing the Goddess Durga.  Communities build pandals starting a couple of months before the festival, many with really cool themes.  This picture is a typical pandal depicting Durga in her greatness.   

A picture of 8 out of the 9 cousins that Daddy grew up with.  Their mom is in the middle, and two little kids jumped into the picture at the last second.  This was the first time in many years that all of them were together.  The last time I saw all of them together was 14 years ago, when I came to see my uncle's wedding.  The uncle on the extreme right (wearing a black shirt) is the one who lives in Dhaka and who I have referred to before.

There were so many people in the house that we all ate upstairs on the floor of a room that under construction.  At the height of the festival, my aunts were cooking three heavy meals per day for over 25 people.  This was major family style dining! 

A picture of some of my cousins (actually my second cousins) and me.  This was taken the last night that we were all together, which is why some of them may seem a little bummed.  

My aunt on my mom's side and one of my cousins' 2.5 year old son.  Although he is a baby, he talked like an adult.  It was so cool!  Apparently he started to learn how to read as well.  Very very cute.   

I sadly lost my memory card which had pictures of my first month here.  But hopefully I will be taking more and more pictures, so look out for them!  That's it from me for now, check back next week!

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